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Today in an era of ‘Open economy’, every business is virtually exposed to global competition. Earlier in the protected scenarios, the competition was moderate but now the same is now changed to ‘cut throat competition’. It is applicable in all functionalities like delivery time, pricing, quality, serviceability etc.

On the other hand, the small & medium scale industries in India are still not adequately prepared to face the competitive environment. Many of SME units those were closed down mainly because of global competition that offered better quality products at lower prices. The blame goes to ourselves rather than any other external factors. We as the Indian Entrepreneurs are still not well-organized in terms of discipline, efficiency optimizations & financial planning. If this situation is to be changed, the first steps needed to be taken is to make your organization system driven instead of person driven mode. Today most the SMEs have largely person oriented decision system. The worst part is the decision makers/ entrepreneurs are poorly equipped with statistical data. It is a high time now to deploy a good ERP system to have all your functionalities brought together in a single database for getting better reporting and MIS.
ERP is a tool that make the users to record each transaction compulsorily in the system in the given authority and functionalities. The important factor here is every person is bound by the disciplinary rules because of which not only data is accumulated regularly in the database but it exposes the user level inefficiencies.

Tally.ERP9 for Manufacturing Units is a module developed by Prism that provides a cost effective and flexible ERP solution for SMEs. In the manufacturing scenarios, the biggest worrying factor is material planning and handling. In most of the cases multiple number of finished goods are required to be manufactured as per the received customer orders. Every order / Finished good required different raw materials to be procured. In absence of a system, this often leads to over-stocking or shortages of materials which either results into excess material or production delays. Both the phenomenon are dangerous for any business unit. The tool like Tally.ERP9 for Manufacturing Units - Material Requirement Planning module gives a clear-cut picture of raw material requirements for executing the required number of work orders that saves your time and money and help in better planning of production activity.

Tally.ERP9 for Manufacturing Units is a cost effective and easy to use ERP solutions perfectly fitted to SME segment. This is because, it provides the necessary flexibility required by SMEs and also can handle the complex business processes with very little training required to the users. The taxation modules such as Excise, VAT, Service Tax, TDS further give much needed automation to save rigorous time to be spent in preparations of statutory reports.