Material Requirement Planning( MRP ) Module

In manufacturing industries, procurement / purchasing of Raw Material is linked to a complex subject of calculating the exact requirement of each Raw Material Item. The subject is complex for multiple reasons. First thing is Raw Material requirement depends on the Finished Goods to be manufactured which largely depends on sales orders or their delivery schedules. The requirement also changes with the already available stock in Stores or at some other locations. The factors such as changes in BOM, Lead time, Minimum Order quantities make the subject even more complex that finally results in over-stocking or shortages of Raw Material Items. The MRP module on Tally.ERP 9 developed by Prism makes the subject easy by accommodating all these conditions and deriving the exact Raw Material quantities for any given Work Orders.

features of Material Requirement Planning Module (MRP)

  • Facility to select multiple sales orders / work orders for Material planning.

  • Flexible BOM equations can be considered for planning.

  • Multi-level BOM consideration with material requirement for Sub-assembly levels too
           Consideration of Available stock – Raw Material, Sub-assemblies or Finished Goods at selected
           or all locations.

  • Consideration of Supplier lead-time, preferred supplier for every stock item.

Material requirement planning (MRP)