Tally Server9

Enterprise Class Tally product

This is an Enterprise Class Tally product that helps the organization to boost the performance ideally suitable for volumous data in Multi-user environment.

Tally.Server9 is a tool to enhance the efficiency, security, manageability and performance of your Tally.ERP9, especially in a Concurrent Multi-user environment. It is an Add-on tool for Tally.ERP9 providing distinct advantages to the users in High-volume Tally data concurrently accessed by multiple users. Following are the features and advantages of Tally.Server9 :

Speed with Concurrent Data Access:

All users will be able to work faster without impacting each.

Power & Capacity

To add as many users without compromising on the performance.

Security & Control

The administrator will be able to control the visibility of physical data files and rights for administrative operations of all users.

Monitoring & Optimization

The administrator will be able to monitor, track users’ activities and analyse work patterns.

Zero Downtime

Users will not experience downtime even during data maintenance.

No more Queues

Simultaneous data access Immediate response and high performance.

High Stability

Parallel ‘Read + Write’ operations, No crash or application termination. Stable and responsive even in abnormal situations.