Tally.ERP9 handles primarily the transactional entries. For e.g. the sales cycle may start with booking of Sales Order or Order Acceptance. However tracking the presales activities is always a challenging job. Prism has developed a specialized module for Enquiry tracking or Customer Relation Management (CRM). With this module, the user can record all his incoming enquiries. These enquiries can be linked to specific sales persons. All the enquiries status can be updated from time to time till the enquiries are closed or lost. The follow-up reminders make the job easier for the sales team to keep track of their prospective customers.

CRM drives sales. It is very easy to use and sales people love it. Use our CRM module and engage more customers and close more sales with our scalable system. From small business to enterprise everyone uses CRM solution. Use our CRM services and save time by automating repetitive tasks and shorten your sales cycle.

Following are some features of CRM module developed in Tally.ERP9

  • Recording of enquiry details, customer details

  • Assigning of enquiry – person to person

  • Follow-up details and tracking, Setting Enquiry priorities

  • Reminders & follow-ups

  • Enquiry dashboard

  • Person-wise enquiry status, product-wise enquiry status

  • Enquiries Won-Lost summary – person-wise, product-wise

  • Auto-email, auto SMS for enquiry reminders & follow-ups

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